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Technical Steering Wheel Alignment


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Oct 18, 2007
Hi, I have a question which seems to be unanswerable by my local Fiat dealer!:bang:

What would cause your steering wheel to be put off centre?

I have a 52 plate 5 door 1.9 JTD and had my springs changed last year (the usual reason) and had new drop links,shocks and a new drivers side wishbone fitted, now when I'm going in a straight line, my steering wheel points to 2 o'clock. My alignment was checked and adjusted at the last service (74000 miles) as the car was pulling, but now its not and my steering wheel isn't straight!:confused:

Thinking back, I'm sure it was spot on before the springs went, but the garage assure me everythings ok, and to adjust it isn't necessary, but I am not convinced!

So any ideas gratefully recieved!
My steering wheel doesnt sit centrally in my car, but i dont think that the tracking is out or anything is wrong with my car. It is about half an inch up on the left hand side (so to speak).
I can see a common fault here i have exactly the same problem. The only thing that i can think of is the changing of the City steering i feel that it adjusts the steering slightly each time but this is just a notion. I am going to take the wheel off over the weekend hopefully to fit an after market wheel so im going to have a look at adjusting it and let you know how its done.
aye same at the start mine was pulling really bad, replaced the springs bt with 35mm lowering springs, i got it alligned 3 times, third time the mechanics made a real job of it bt surely it went off again, the said it mite b to do with the cambers bt to my knowledge there is no camber adjustment in stilos?
How to get a straight steering wheel.

First thing is check basics like tyre pressures are the same on both side.
Now check your tyres carefully. I always fit my very best on the front (most tread) but some folks, who don't like rear slides, like the best tyres on the rear. What IS important is to have the same tread wear on both sides. Also, it's important to match the type of wear so don't mix inside worn with outside worn etc.

If it's still not driving straight then it's time for a full 4 wheel alignment. It's important here that you state you want your steering wheel straight, before they start the job, as many alignment companies will simply say they've done their job and the problem is with your car. Don't accept this! :mad: - keep taking your car back until they get it right. Technically, you can centre a steering wheel by adjusting the toe such that the toe is different on each side and yet the TOTAL toe is still correct. In simple speak this just means the alignment company need to clamp the steering OFF centre opposite to how it normally sites when driving straight. Make sure you don't have an issue with worn tyres before having this done as otherwise when you eventually have new tyres fitted you'll find your steering is cock-eyed again :(

Notes: Some cars will try to follow the road camber and this can mean that even driving on the straight you're forced to hold the steering very slightly off centre. This is NOT a fault and is easy to prove by finding a very quiet road and driving on the wrong side for a bit (or pop over to France :)). You should find your car now wants to follow the opposite camber.

Lowering if done properly should have no affect on steering alignment. Mine was dead straight before and was dead straight afterwards.
cheers for the thorough (cnt spel tht =[ ) reply, very helpful, im going to go to a proper dealership and get the full laser allignment, ive got the toe allignment done several times bt its still off >_> just have to get the funds up a bit now lol