Styling spraying alloys

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Styling spraying alloys

Took the thread out of my mouth :D
I would like to do it also, but I don't like any colours but c thru a glass blue for example
Is it possible? Glass colour? So there is a colour but you can still see your alloys shine, not thick coat of paint :D
It is possible, and is relitively simple. Howver if your painting them with the tyres on the you have to spend some time masking them up properly otherwise it will look rubbish. Its mutch the same as paining any pannel. Rub the surface down to give the paint something to key to, then spray with your desired colour. Complete a few coats, rubbing down with some wet n dry sand papper in between every few coats. Then finish it off with a few coats of laquer (depending what paint your using).

For oktopod, that too is possible, although its a little bit more of an involved process. You do mutch the same, but youl need a "candy" paint. Depending on how much you want your alloys to "bling", you may need to lay down a bright undercoat like white first.

All of the above is best done with tyres and valves off!!
Instead of spraying your alloys, try & find somewhere where you can have them bead or shotblasted & powdercoated. It looks so much better. Where i work,we charge £20 per wheel.
Guide is nice, but you get exactly what I don't like...thick coat of paint and a non alloy wheel if you ask me...if only you could spray a c thru paint without damaging the surface with sandblast, water sand paper, primer and all that s* :D