General Snow?!?

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General Snow?!?


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May 2, 2004
The Dog Car & Freak are pining away in their stable stalls, freshly shod with this year's 'must have' M&S tyres; waiting for the snow.
All we're getting is frost and's just not fair..........:mad:
I've had M+S tyres on for the last 4 yrs and not seen snow since so I have no sympathy what so ever :)
Hi Pandafan!

How's it been, we've missed you on here!

Steve has had to drink twice as much whiskey to make up for your absence, hehe

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Steve said:
I'll second that, it's good to have you posting here. I have developed a fondness for whiskey, not whisky though Jim. :)

Oh yeah, whisky is the cat, or a bridge move or something.....:confused:

Hi, it' nice to be back:)
Scotch Whisky is the stuff to dilute Potein with.:eek:
WHISKEY is a drink by itself.:D
The American stuff is o.k. to mix with acrylic paint for a crackle finish.(n)
Canadian should be poured down the toilet to save you the effort of swallowing the stuff.:yuck:

Mind you, I recently had some Indian whiskey and it was quite pleasant.

Still waiting for snow ... last winter was great.
Didnt you have any snow on saturday? It was snowing rochdale and beyond from what i was told anyway. I was in Scotland at the time and we didnt get any snow there (n)
The snow didn't get over the Penines I'm afraid.

Oh...and I'm certain it was Indian Whisky was made in a still set up by British soldies in 1948.

Busy old life; being a soldier (irony)