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side skirts

Tony linley

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Feb 11, 2018
I'm looking for side skirts for my 08 grande punto, I have read some posts of a similar vein, & answers which say make holes & use glue, (if none available) what I am wondering is which holes to use or make. the reason I'm asking is I have production line made holes in the bottom of the sill & just inside on the floor pan, covered by rubber plugs/covers, about 6 across I think, was dark! are these for the skirts? or something else?
thanks in advance
What features are on the skirts?
I'm just looking at the moment bud, ideally I would like the standard fitment you see on the sports version of the g punto, I've seen some on eBay that came off a scrapper, wondering if the already made holes in the car with the rubber/plastic covers were the right ones