500X sill / side panel damage

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500X sill / side panel damage


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Mar 27, 2016
Yesterday someone scraped the side of my 500x in a station car park and drove off.
The plastic sills were ripped off, some damage to area under the doors, and to an underbody cover. See pics.
Dont know whether to pay out of pocket or make insurance claim, losing no claims etc.
The offending driver left the scene without leaving any details.
I'm in East Northamptonshire. Anyone know a reliable bodyshop in the area?


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No cctv? Especially at the exits, the offender must have had damage to their car (hopefully a lot more than yours)
I’d be tempted to have a go at that myself
very busy car park - Peterborough station. Cameras on entrance and exit for fee charging, but no cameras where I was parked. It was dark and snowing heavily. Given the height of the damage, it looks as though it was a side step or similar of a hefty 4x4. It also dented just under the front door - you can see in the pic - and also bent the metalwork just behind the rear door opening And pulled the undercar panel off. I think replacement trim - quoted £170 Fiat dealer in Corby - easy to fix, but the bent metalwork?
I think I need a bodywork guy to look at it.
Here is the damage underneath.


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I have found a bodyshop, but they are struggling to get the replacement parts. Particularly the plastic sill/step that runs beneath the doors between the two arches. Mopar doesn't carry the part.

Has anyone sourced replacement plastic trim/mouldings for 500X ?
Has anyone sourced replacement plastic trim/mouldings for 500X ?
Have you tried eBay, there are a lot of companies on their selling plastic parts like this. If you find one on eBay message the seller to check the quality as some are not original but some sellers are selling genuine parts.