Sides slightly warped after slow bump

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Sides slightly warped after slow bump


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Dec 4, 2017
My girlfriend had a little encounter while watching a youtube video while stuck in traffic. :bang::bang:
Result is a loose grill, broken headlight & warped hood.

I replaced the hood and noticed there's a gap between the hood and the side. Any idea how to fix this?

Also, the hood seems to come up a bit lower than the sides.

Anyone got an idea how I can close the gap and/or get the hood to align with the sides?

Here's some pics I took: www dot imgur dot com/a/JVWmH

Any help would be welcome. Thanks guys!
Damage to the hood was obvious, but the force that bent it was transmitted through the panel, and resisted by the hinges. It is likely that the hinges are bent. Replacement may be easier than trying to straighten them, or they may straighten ok.

You also need to check carefully to see if the impact has moved or distorted the wings (fenders).

If mine, I'd remove the new hood from its hinges, and with help try to place it into position unattached. This will show if it is possible to fit properly.