Styling Side Repeaters =)

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Styling Side Repeaters =)


Oct 9, 2005
hey Hey HEY
my undercar neons just got here YAY :devil: and came with a pair of side repeaters, all they are is the platic part with a shell with 2 wires coming out, now im guessing if i take the old ones out they will be two wires i can wire the new ones up 2? is that right? as these ones are red? and are the LEGAL? or not :s just wanna know before i start pulling bits off :) hehe THANKS GUYS!!!

As long as the indicator light is still orange I can't imagine you having any problems.

And yea, it's simple as popping them out with a screwdriver. You might want to fold a sheet of paper first, and put that between the bodywork and the screwdriver to avoid scratching your paintwork.

It's dead easy, just take it easy, be gentle with the screw driver to avoid leaving any marks.
ah see the LEDs inside the repeaters r red! with clear/misted covers :S
yeah im gonna have to look into it when weather is a bit better! its rained 2days now :(
sounds like what i got with my neons, the repeaters are smaller than the recess on the punto so will not look right imo