Styling should i???

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Styling should i???


y is saving so difficult?
Nov 19, 2006
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no no no to the mirrors, chrome stuff is horrible inmho. You should just take your mirrors somewhere to get them painted, wont cost much. Possibly the exhaust, depends on what it looks like fitted. There is an exhaust trim on the uk ebay.
nooooooooo just get them painted lke i did it looks much better!

And ye id say go 4 it on the the exaust! loos cool man :chin: quight like them myslef
havent botherd with the handels, like them black to be honist :p but the mirrors cost me £30
pm me or make a post please if you get the exhaust was lookin at one n would like to see what they are like on.
was 30pound a deal cuz u knew sum1 or jus a normal price for the mirror trim painted
twas a deal i think it was guna be £40 but since it only took 1 hour he said 30 but i do no the guy so it might be a bit more..... but still they look so good now! (y)
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I reckon it would go well with Chemical Grey, as long as you add chrome trims to other parts of the car.

But then again things sometimes look good in photos but are actually crap..