Sat nav PDA (again) £129 + £3 P&P (approx)

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Sat nav PDA (again) £129 + £3 P&P (approx)

Apr 21, 2003
Back at Medion again, I can't recommend this unit enough, especially at this price:

Click sat nav units.

It is a fully pledged PDA with Medion Navigator (Jim, if you read this, they use Navteq but I think the map included is 2004) but of course you can use tom tom etc. Comes with everything from a case to a car kit.

It's a lot better (and smaller without a smaller screen) than my Dell X5 :( Would swap it for one any day.
Slightly different to Arc's I believe, though not sure and in any case, basically the same thing. Arc added tomtom himself :) On this you need to use a little application to make the GPS receiver NMEA compatible but it takes less than 2 mins :)

My dad has this one and as i say, it's brill.
Ah didnt realise arc added tomtom himself :p hmm :( if i hadnt just forked out on a load of computer bits i'd have it in a shot :eek: :(
A year ago I would have bought a few for profit :( Stupid sat nav market falling in price.
Blimey thats cheap!

Reckon the offer will be around for a bit?
I expect about 24 hours, it's on moneysavingexpert.

You know it JB ;) If only they gave me commission!
Depends, if you use your brakes only to stop yourself getting speeding tickets, this can warn you well in advance instead ;)
Is this racist? I hope not, it's meant in good humour (or bad!)

"JB, they are German, don't be silly" :eek:
The Negotiator said:
Depends, if you use your brakes only to stop yourself getting speeding tickets, this can warn you well in advance instead ;)

Having a turbo doesnt automatically mean im that bad paul :p i'll probably look at getting tomtom mobile and a bluetooth gps eventually, but for now i think im going to have to let it pass by :(
I got the Medion unit with the Navtech maps and its sooo much better (like my house is on it for a start)

But how can I update the maps from 2004?

Big Black Stilo said:
also my stilo cig lighter doesnt work, is there another way to power it?

fix the cig ligther? :p

imo no problems with it being a refurb.
goddam it! spent weeks with cash burning a hole in my pocket and I decide to splash out on something bloody 3 things come at once.

Cig lighter doesnt work as it keeps blowing fuses, cannot see any fault on it what so ever.

So is it worth buying this unit then or am I best waiting to see if they get cheaper
Maps difficult Jim, nobody seems to do dodgy copies of them ;)

Big black stilo - have you checked to see if anything is in the cigarette lighter shorting the circuit?

Having seen 3 refurbs from Medion, I wouldn't have known they weren't brand new :)