replacing dvdrw with hard drive on a laptop

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replacing dvdrw with hard drive on a laptop


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Jan 30, 2005

would appreciate any info anyone has.

Laptop is a core i7, about 18 months old so definitely worth upgrading.

My plans are

1) to fit a ssd hard drive , reinstall windows etc, fairly straightforward.

2) I would then like to move the exisiting 1TB drive, with all my media on to the dvd 'slot' on my machine, and do away with an optical drive as I rarely use it.

The technical side is easy peasy, I'm fully aware of how to disassemble my laptop, and I am comfortable with what needs to be done. This will however leave my 1TB drive flopping about, and a big hole in my laptop......

Given that laptop drive sizes seem to be standardised nowadays, is anyone aware of a fitting kit that will let me do a decent job of this, rather than butchering up the existing dvd rw drive...........

Thanks in advance