USB switch with 12v trigger?

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USB switch with 12v trigger?

Aug 4, 2023
It’s an ICE related need, but figged a computers type question really.

I am installing an Android HU in my Panda, and it has 2 USB inputs. But I’m greedy, and want to run DAB+ into one, DVR into another, then need a 3rd one for a reversing camera.

I’m wondering if I can find a USB switching device that always favours the primary input, but when you select reverse not only does it switch on the reversing camera, but the same 12v trigger causes the USB switcher to switch to the secondary input whilst reverse is engaged.

Anyone know of such a device please?

Cheers, Jamie
You could try a cheap USB hub and see if that works. This would meet the description of what you call a "USB switching device" USB is a connection type that should allow theoretically hundreds of devices to all be connected on one port, (assuming they have their own power as a single USB port could not supply power to hundreds of devices)

In theory it would/should work, but it very much depends how the android head unit is configured and if it can utilize the hub.