General Removing Heater Control Panel

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General Removing Heater Control Panel


Va Va Vroom
May 17, 2005
Hi how do i remove the panel around the switch's and heater controls? the carbon fibre look one.

Ive took the two hex screws out of the front and tried pulling and it doesnt seem to move, might just be being too gentle, but dont want to damage it!

Thanks in advance
the centre vents above the console usually pulls straight off just grab the middle selctor thingy in between the vents and pull firmly and it should just come away! what u gonna do? spray a different colour? Gd luck
I have connected my phono lead from the back of my stereo, up the back of the dashboard and it is hidden in under the removable panel on the back of the rev counter. I have a mount for my psp to the left of the rev counter, so i wanted to connect it to my stereo for surround sound aswell as an mp3 player. Looks and sounds great.

I didnt want wires running up and down the front of the dash because it would look messy, all hidden away!
get a screw driver and prize it off gently whilst pulling at the same time

OZ Seicento
pull off the centre knob and there is a 3rd screw in behind

and thats how to get the centre console off