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rally cinq on ebay

Sep 11, 2004
Coventry (near Birmingham
did you see the rally cinq on ebay?

had omp buckets i think

minilite alloys

silver with 107000 miles, striped bare for rallying apparently

well....... i sent him an e-mail regarding it as it never sold and got this back

No i would not break it as it will be a great car for someone. I doubt you will be prepared to pay the money i will be after if you are restoring a cinq as you could probably buy a donor vehicle cheaper. Unless you wanted a performance cinq whereby the purchase of a vehicle like this with the mods is cheaper in the long run. Due to the receipts for the modifications, the reserve is set at £1250 for instance, and in theory makes the car a saleprice of £250, with mods of around a £1000. I will of course be interested in sensible offers,

is he serious? £1250? :(

sent him one back basically saying he is not going to get ANY where near that and to come on here and people will back me up with what i have said.

from what i remeber he only had alloys buckets and an induction kit as well :confused:

some people :D
99sei said:
afriad i dont mate as it finished and just wanted to see what it made so never put it in my favourites :bang:

some one on here must have seen it????

Was it N reg and covered in little stickers? I believe I've seen it before - only had buckets, harnesses, alloys, standard engine. Nowhere near suitable for competiton in its current state.
99sei said:
no this one was silver, looked a bit like a monster truck it was sitting that high :D

said he had a custom made bonet. he had cut a hole in it and stuck some pipe through it for cold air feed, looked :dead:

The one I'm thinking of was silver too. :chin:
99sei said:
bad memory must have been dropped on my head too many times as a baby :p

but yes that is the one. cant get over the fact he thinks its worth £1250:confused:

nice car tho

depends where in the country it is... around me u couldnt get a decent standard one for under a grand, and as the colour is special like the imola blue i think it is a fine price for an ebay auction.... bearing in mind that u could get it for about 1000, sell the wheels for a few hundred, sell the buckets for another couple of hundred and end up makin half your money back. (y)