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Why a Fiat???
Feb 12, 2006
Hi guys, new to this forum, my 1.4 12v bravo runs like a pile of poo, idles ok but under load is suffering, it feels like its running out of petrol when accelerating and also on overrun, fuel economy 75-80 mile off half a tank.
I know these engines have a rep for being thirsty but this is terrible, i have changed ect, plugs, ht leads and given it some injector cleaner (forte) no difference, anybody out there had a similar problem or found a cure?? any help or comments appreciated
The 1.4 is an absolute drunkard as you probably know.

"75-80 mile off half a tank" sound pretty dire even for that but "1/2 a tank" doesn't mean much as Bravos have different size tanks. How many miles per gallon? or miles per £1 is that? It's sounds mighty thirsty

If you're sure the air filter is ok then I'd check/change the lambda sensor. They don't last for ever and can go all sloppy with slow reactions (as you'd expect from a drunk). They're pretty cheap at £25 and if you can change a plug then you can change a lambda sensor. Reset the ECU afterwards and see what happens
approx 15 quids worth of fuel to 75 miles deckchair, roughly 18-20 mpg, im getting it plugged in at weekend so ill post any results


Right then, car didnt get plugged in at the weekend, still got the problem obviously:( , some posts on here are describing very similar symptoms as mine, ie throttle depressed in any position car really struggles to accelerate, lift off a bit car runs fine, downhill in gear sometimes feels like its stalling have checked voltages on tps etc all seem fine, its not as bad when cold, but when its warm its really bad, oh deckchair, do you have a contact for lambda sensors? cheapest i could find was about 55 quid!! cheers guys :D
Just read this thread. If the engine coolant gets up to a normal temperature (middle of the gauge), then I'd put the lambda probe as prime suspect. Have a look here for universal lambda probes.
New development on this one guys, it stinks of petrol on startup and is now a pig to get going, also is kangarooing every now and then, regardless of engine temp, any sugestions??

I have reset the ecu and have seen no improvement :bang: , have also ordered a new oxy sensor (thanks for the link hmallett) but i suspect it may not be at fault.
petrol filter if u have 1 there only a tenner it sorted mine out if not maybe the egr valve
mickn said:
I have reset the ecu and have seen no improvement :bang: , have also ordered a new oxy sensor (thanks for the link hmallett) but i suspect it may not be at fault.

Well, fitted new oxy sensor and reset ecu and guess what?.......................................................................................................................................................................its fixed!! :slayer: thanx for your help and suggestions guys, thanks to my producer, whoops wrong speech! nah seriously guys youve been a big help on this one, (y)


Re: bad clutch problems

i dont know wots going on, i just got a fiat bravo florza 1.2sx yesterday, the clutch feels hard, wen the car starts to gets warm, i could be letting out the clutch @ pressing the trottle, the starts to judder and shake, the i let out clutch the worser it gets, u can litrely see the bonnet juddering violently, so i have to rev the car to get out of it, i dont have a clue pls help me am new to this site
Best to start your own thread for this otherwise people may notice it

Does it judder with the clutch fully up or is it only when engaging the clutch as in pulling away?
Sounds like a clutch fault- oil on the clutch- clutch release bearing or pressure plate problems. If it happens with clutch fully up then possible engine misfiring- plugs, leads etc

Any noises from clutch?

You say clutch feels hard. What's that? Heavier than usual? Not going fully down?