Pioneer AVIC F20BT into 2010 Panda

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Pioneer AVIC F20BT into 2010 Panda

Jul 2, 2013
I bought a 2010 Panda 1.2 Dynamic ECO a few weeks ago. I have a Pioneer AVIC F20BT double din lying around. I can physically fit the unit with no problem but wondered about the wiring.

The Aerial will easily fit with an adaptor which I have. I'm wondering:

a) Is there a simple connector which will allow the two to connect easily?
Ie power and speakers?

b) trawling through similar threads I find nothing definitive but mention of the radio being connected through the CANBUS. Is this the case and is there anything else I would need to do because of this?

Alternatively is there a wiring diagram for the Fiat connectors?

I've attached pictures of the Fiat connectors and the rear of the Pioneer.



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The Pioneer unit should have come with an ISO wiring harness (ie the proprietary plug on one end to go into the back of the headunit, then standard ISO connectors on the other end).
The only major thing that the CANBUS controls is the switched live, which can be easily connected to something ignition switched ie. cigarette lighter. Other CANBUS functions are Blue&Me and the steering wheel controls, the latter you should be able to sort with an adaptor from Connects2.