Photos of my alfa - Keyed:mad:

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Photos of my alfa - Keyed:mad:

ian stilo 1.6

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Mar 7, 2005
North East M'boro
i was going to wait till i had polished it this weekend to get some photos of my new alfa on the forum but since it got keyed last night i wont be doing it this weekend. This is 2 of about 6 scratches all very deep and i am more the 99% certain who done it and thats enough for me :mad:

its silver car
its because hes a jealous ex not of mine lmao
nope just mine for that reason
it has brake fluid on roof and bonnet
brake fluid cans found in his car
uninsured hes due at court on drink driving offences
maybe now harrasment her criminal damage aswell
stu has my mobile number if anyone else is intrested then phone me
Sorry to see that :(. have you got off street parking or a garage to put it into. if not it might be worth trying to find a local garage to rent (like i had to do with my Mercedes).
was at her house not mine
trust me an accident will involve him not been able to do it again
plus i presume he will accuse me of going rnd this morning and chasing him and telling him he is dead all accusations as i was at my mates at time
*EDIT* sorry never mentioned i think it was an ice scraper or something similar rather than a key as it is that bad
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