Grande Punto "Phoebe" the 90hp 1.3MJ


First of all, I'd like to thank all you lovely members for the help, as pretty much any problem I've had has been already addressed on the forums! Anyway, my first motor:

Grande Punto 90hp 6 speed 1.3l MultiJet
Came with parking sensors and a lovely SkyDome, although this time of year isn't really giving it the justice it deserves. Only done just over 29k when I got it but I've already put 2k on in less than 2 months :p

De-Punto'ed the back and added a red badge (as can be seen), and since the front pic was taken I've added a red front badge too. Added the necessities like a locking fuel cap and 3.5mm aux jack as soon as I got it, don't really fancy doing too much to it as I think she doesn't look too bad already (lucky I got a Dynamic). Considered lowering her but I have enough trouble with speed bumps already!

Also have to say, I feel sorry for you youngsters who've just passed with your sky high quotes... I'm 20 and never driven for the past 2 years, yet my insurance is under £600. The system is so unfair!

Sorry for rambling, hope you like her :D
The springs may take a little while to bed in mate but the car looks really well, love the picture! :)

Cheers :) they're second hand from a guy on the forums here (got them very cut price and besides a little dust on them they're perfect) and only the Pro-kit, so I'm not expecting them to bed in much more than they are. The drop is very slightly noticeable, but I just wanted driveability and speedbump-invulnerability, two things I'm very pleased to say I now have :D
Thought I'd add my ridiculously cheap and reversible ICE setup!

I tried vent mounts and sticky pad dash mounts but they really weren't up to the job (the former snapping the inside of my vents; thankfully not disastrously so). And I hate sucker windscreen mounts for the obscured visibility. So, using the best tool known to man, Velcro (well, 2nd best behind a can of WD40 of course), I've kitted out the dash for a variety of setups!


There's the tiniest bit holding my mp3 player to the right of the screen too. Caniballised the crappy vent Nexus 7 and phone mounts with a bit of velcro (Nexus 7 with right angle charger):


I've had a passenger playing GTA Vice City with a wireless PS3 controller before, feels like a very cool built-in PS2 :p


Most of the time I have it just like this, as the tablet setup obscures the hazards and audio controls, but when I'm using the mp3 player too it doesn't really matter.


Works wonders! And, a double USB charger to finish it off:


Tucks away nicely to the side of the passenger seat well out of the way of the gearstick and handbrake.
I brought a Cupra splitter for mine and didn't really like it Laguna all the way matey lImageUploadedByFIAT Forum1374539412.534031.jpg
Great looking car.

Where did you get your locking fuel cap from please?


Great looking car.

Where did you get your locking fuel cap from please?



Ebay, here for petrol or here for diesel. Both identical other than the wording, but is it worth the risk if someone else is filling up your car?

Only problem is the key is different to the main key, but I just keep the fuel cap key in my wallet to save the expensive of having the cap cut to match.
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Feeling very happy with how she's looking now :)

Newly replaced and painted front grille, and you can see the latest addition of a Sporting spoiler. Recently did a whole boot transfer which turned out much easier than just fitting the spoiler itself.

I decided to embrace the standard lights and went for a blue and silver theme which I think looks great being close to stock.

So, I think all my mods now are...

Koni STR.T shocks
Eibach Sportlines
Silvatec front indicators
Cupra splitter
Silver front grilles
Carbon fibre dash
De-vinyl B pillars
Sporting spoiler
Red badges all round
3.5mm jack between cup holders

2 years on, and I'm still in love with my little Punto :D


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I think sports' ( 17 inch ) wheels will look much better on the car.