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May 29, 2003
Doncaster, United Kingdom
I've just found my old Memorex wireless optical mouse, and soon rediscovered the reason I stopped using it in the first place: on the sides of the mouse are these stupid extra buttons that do the "back" and "forward" functions in Windows/web browsers etc. I keep catching them and ending up going back a page or 3, which is rather annoying. (n) And I can't find any way to disable 'em in the Mouse Control Panel (in XP Pro). :confused: Anyone got any ideas, other than breaking the offending switches or filling them with glue? :eek:
I can't find anything that relates to those buttons in the control panel :eek: it uses a standard Windows driver which I don't think gives any control over the function of them. They're really badly positioned, right where my fingers grip the mouse :bang:
I would say it needed drivers to use those buttons too, XP surely only supports basic scroll wheel type mice.

Have a hunt on the net or buy a Logitech MX1000!

Thats the laser mouse isn't it? Unfortunately I don't have that much to spend on mice!

I thought it'd need a driver for those buttons to do anything at all :confused: but having got a driver from memorex website, it lets you change the buttons but not disable them! :bang: think plan A is called for, ie open it up and fill the buttons with glue...