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Oct 18, 2007
Has anybody or does anybody know or or have heard of (ok dont over do it..) someone who has changed the gear knob on their Panda?

I thought it may be unscrewable but after placing a fair amount of pressure in an anti-clockwise direction to my knob, it wouldnt come off. I am still talking about my car here.

I have removed the cowling around the lever and can see the plastic mechanics of the lift-up reverse but I have no idea how to remove it!


Any ideas?
Ive changed mine and had to cut it off. There is a special tool to leaver it off but its easier just to get a stanley knife and a pair of vice grips to break the plastic under the rubber of the gear knob

Peeps in the stilo section used to ask this question regularly ..always got the same answer you have to cut it ..I think you have to be very careful here that you don't naff up the lift up reverse lever just for the sake of a different knob ..some of them went ahead and were sorry they messed with it afterwards :(
Im trying to remove mine, only to change the gaiter as the one on there from new has split badly and planning to sell my car, so want it to look as good as new, almost, haha