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Organ Donation

i've got a huge organ you can have......


other than that, yeah sure, why not, pickled kidneys and liver, tarred lungs, shortsighted corneas, some poor geezer who thinks he's heading for the slab is gonna wake up from surgery with an awful shock......

i don't know if i can bare the thought of being cut open even when im dead.

trust are way beyond caring at that stage........and since you are going to be sliced and diced for the PM, may as well
They can have any part of me they like, not as if I'm going to need it, or particularly care. If you choose to donate, make sure your nearest and dearest know of your request because they can overrule it.
I like the idea of me being seen as some sort of scrap body, for spares only after Im gone. Mind you, all my bits are pretty knackered already!
I dont carry a card...but my family knows that i will donate bits..but not my eyes..i know they only used bits of your eyes..but there is something that just makes me feel quezy about it and i wanna keep them whole :)
i don't know if i can bare the thought of being cut open even when im dead.
thats the craziest thing i've ever heard. :p

i'm on the organ donor register because i have absolutely nothing to lose, when you are dead you really are dead, what happens to your body makes no difference at all. your organs are only going to be burnt or left to rot in the ground, why waste them like that if they could be put to good use?

there are people out there who desperately need organ donations, since it costs you nothing at all, and you not benefit in any way if you keep your organs, it is very selfish to not donate.