Donating Platelets - Anyone do it?

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Donating Platelets - Anyone do it?

It's like kidney dialysis in some respects your blood is feed into a machine a centrifuge spins off the heavier red blood cells and red cells are returned by a second needle back into the body. What's left if the platelets (and some other stuff that's not needed to be removed later)

So it's like giving blood but they stick you with two needles, it's really important because some really unwell people lose the ability for their blood to clot so without platelets can bleed to death very quickly
Can this be done in addition to blood donation :confused:

No if you donate platelets they don't like you to donate red cells.
You can choose to stop donating platelets at any point I believe. You can also donate platelets more often, something like every 2-3 weeks with a cap how many times in one year you can do it

But you have to be eligible to do it, which requires you be tested.
Im A-
in the 7% of people

Due to give soon - appoiments set

I too was invited to donate too - certain blood types i think are required for it?

But the issue for me was its Miles away my nearest platelet centre + They often call for emergency donations, which i wont be able to hold

I give blood - thats my contribution to society :)