Not turning over smoothly: your first guess?

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Not turning over smoothly: your first guess?

Aug 11, 2017
Hullo, I'd like to know if anyone has a suggestion, from experience. The engine of my Fiat Punto is not turning over smoothly, it sounds and feels bumpy. Last week I wondered if I was imagining it (this is my first automatic car so it's not first nature to me). Foolishly I didn't get it looked at before driving from Reading to the Wirral (where I now am) and it got worse on the way - particularly noticeable when pulling away or going up hill, so in low gear. I have found a garage who will take a look at it on Monday morning, but I'd love to know if it's a typical Fiat Punto problem that rings bells with anyone.
(Last time I had a problem, it got diagnosed here and I had to TELL the garage what the problem was! And they fleeced me royally, but that's another story.)
Fingers crossed it's something minor like spark plugs and not the incipient demise of the car... It's a Fiat Punto Dynamic Speedgear, 2003.
When was it last serviced?
What are total miles on car?

Any record of last time spark plugs changed ?

... It's a Fiat Punto Dynamic Speedgear, 2003.

That'll be the 1.2 16v 80hp and CVT gearbox. (I still miss mine)

Lumpy engine could be ignition, or head gasket.

Ignition is common, coils pack up, as do plug leads. Also the main plugs on the ECU need to be checked to ensure no loose pins.

Most common issue is plug leads. If needed get a good brand name, such as NGK.
Ha, thanks Charlie! I did check those (in a sweaty panic) when the problem was getting worse and I was halfway between Reading and the Wirral. But they're fine. Petrol tank also full. So it's not any of THOSE things. Will let you know what the mechanic says tomorrow morning. (Found a nearby garage who said they'll take a look). Wish me luck!
Does it 'idle' in neutral ok ?

Underload with an auto can be tricky..
But with no load it should be fine.

I hsd a CVT uno..1988

There were lots of small hoses around the carburettor.. if they perished.. it behaved poorly

Depending on the age of your punto..

It should be 'managed' by a computer ( ECU ) which can often 'mask' poor running through small eroors

Time will tell

Good luck

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Saga continues. I took it to a mechanic on the Wirral who reckoned it's probably spark plugs or coil packs, but would have to order the parts; thought I was probably OK to drive it back to Reading. However, round about Leominster (I prefer the scenic route!) it got pretty juddery. Stopped and called Green Flag (there is some kind of juju which makes it start raining as soon as you break down by the road), who came and made a similar diagnosis, but it's 'not something we can fix roadside', at which point I discover I've only got the 'tow you 10 miles maximum' Green Flag cover. We decide I'll try to limp onwards, and I change my destination to Chipping Norton (where my Dad lives) instead of Reading. Nail-biting drive at 30-40 MPH, gets me to Chippy 5 and a half hours after I left Bishops Castle. Dad has looked at this morning; it's only firing on 3 cylinders. To be continued. :D
At least you are safe :)

Get your dad to pull off 1 plug lead from The coil pack at a time..

If it drops to 2 cylinders.. thats a good lead :)

No change means its the correct cylinder that is not firing... that plug or lead are the problem ;)

Do you have an engine light on now?

Charlie .. Didcot
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I never did finish the story! It was indeed the coil packs, if I remember rightly (and/or spark plugs). Quickly fixed by a garage in Chipping Norton. Also, I got proper AA coverage after this exciting excursion. I had some really bad experiences with Green Flag. Not had to call the AA yet - touch wood!