General Mp3 Cd Players-My chances are?

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General Mp3 Cd Players-My chances are?


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Mar 27, 2006
Hi, new member here-just bought a three year old Stilo and oh how i love it. The one thing i am wondering is, do fiat do a mp3 cd player? i really want my dash board to look like i havent messed with it, but i also want to be able to play my mp3 discs for on the motorway. does anyone know what my chances are?

Not sure if they do on the stilo, i would have thought so, the new GP has an MP3 IIRC

You can always get a fascia adaptor and fit an aftermarket MP3 cd player like some stilo owners have already done

But to get an MP3 cd player in your stilo - the chances are good be it a fiat part or an aftermarket part

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I have the Fiat mp3 one in my Stilo and I'm so glad that I decided to go for that option when I bought the car. Saves mucking around trying to change cds on the motorway! Works great too - just burn a cd with a selection of mp3 files in various directories on a cd and away you go. I'm sure that any Fiat dealer will order and fit one for you - it just replaces the standard cd player in the car. Might cost a bit though...
Yes fiat do a standard unit that supports MP3's, i had one in my stilo as standard and they are pretty good about an extra £150 when you buy the car new! Im not sure how much they will be though to buy as an addition! Although they dont support CDRW only CD-R and they dont have a pre-outs for amps but it depends what you want from the headunit? I changed mine for an aftermarket though as i wanted to run some sub's and amps! I would say it would be cheaper to buy an aftermarket MP3 unit though!