East Midlands Mitcar 2022

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East Midlands Mitcar 2022

Mitcar 2022
Posted by ben
Kedlestone Hall
Sunday, October 9, 2022 - 09:00 AM
Until: Sunday, October 9, 2022 - 04:00 PM
(Adjusted for timezone: Europe/London)

Upcoming dates
All times have been adjusted for the timezone: Europe/London

This event has expired and has no upcoming dates
i live quite local so will come up on my Ebike when its on. my car is behind a lorry we bought for £200, a large iveco daily and a BMW. theres no way i am getting it out for years :( i come in my van (i can make out is a Scudo even though its a Dispatch right?) but i have no friends.. and im not joking. :/
Will the fiatforum have their own spaces or will they just park all fiats together ?
Will the fiatforum have their own spaces or will they just park all fiats together ?
After the date change I wasn't able to make it anymore (already back in Asia) and we didn't have anyone else to take it over 😩

So to answer your question, I think we'll all be lumped together.

However, going forward, would you be interested in joining the events team?
Ok Ben no problem, it’s will be ok if all fiats are together 👍🏻
Don’t mind helping out when I can but think I couldn’t commit to the events team as my son plays academy football and I’m usually driving most weekends ⚽
Good show today, some nice fiats and Italian cars on show 👍🏻


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It was a good day out, here's a few I took.


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