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Mirroring screen from computer to TV


May 26, 2012
Hi people,

So, I'd like to watch youtube videos on my big screen TV. I have a smart TV, but the problem with using the TV's in-built internet browser is that it is slow and clunky to use and there is no way to block ads either.

I have a computer that can mirror my laptop screen onto my TV with the click of a button, but doing this means I cannot use my laptop whilst watching something on TV - you have to enlarge the youtube video to full screen on the laptop to see it full screen on the TV....

The only option I can think of to get around the above issues is to buy another device that mirrors the screen to the TV. Does anyone know of any cheap devices that can mirror the screen. I assume my best option is a tablet computer.

It would be good to mirror a computer screen to my TV for music video playlists, watching videos - especially those that are in 4k which Youtube has quite a few, whereas only 1 of my actual TV channels is 4k. It's also cool to use the TV as a giant screensaver/picture frame and just leave a 10 hour long beach scene playing.

Any thoughts on how to make this happen without spending a fortune.
Plug in an HDMI cable then switch off screen mirroring and set the TV as screen 2.

You can now have 2 separate images and drag between screens.
Check if the smart-tv has Youtube app. Lots of them do. That's easiest way to get 4K video running.

Also it may have built-in Chromecast function. That may just be HD. The latest Google Chromecast thing has 4K support. You're not going to need it if your TV has Youtube app and most streaming apps that you like.
With your laptop connected to the TV and "mirroring" if you right click on your desktop and select display settings does it give you an option of multiple screens, I'e can you set the wirelessly connected TV as a second display and then just move your movie to play on that screen while you continue to do stuff on the laptop screen.
Daughter has a slightly smart YTV and a dongle for blutooth. She connects her phone directly and has access to nearly everyting even on a not so good internet set up.
Any version of the Amazon Firestik/TV, should be able to mirror your Pc. All you needs a Bluetooth dongle to 'throw' the screen image and audio ( as explained earlier ) or if your Pc is connected via a Rj45 plug to your router, your router should be able to throw the radio signal from the dongle/router at least 15 meters. Even threw brick walls to the Firestik connected to one of your High Definition Media Interface slots in your chosen monitor screen.
I use a little s/h HP business workstation thing that has four Hdmi or hdi? plugs standard so I have one screen for emails etc, another for normal online and I have the Samsung TV as a third, but I can use as one picture across all or open another online for grandaughter to watch a childrens video whilst I am online and at the same time the emails are on the other one, so I can drag the mouse across all of them.
If I wanted I could put another graphics card in side and have eight HDMI hdi? outlets.
I don't have the advantage of a laptop, but it does what I need and at low cost.;)


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