Technical Marea weekend abs/warning light help

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Technical Marea weekend abs/warning light help


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Dec 23, 2013
Hi , my fiat has just failed the mot today,due to the abs and handbrake warning lights being illuminated.The car will start ok and then both warning lights tend to come on after about 10 mins after going off and will stay on. An early abs check showed low voltage but could not give a precise reading at any part of the system.However I have since read that both the ABS light and the handbrake warning light could show a possible fault in the rear Electronic Brake Distribution system :bang:.Abs brakes still work ok and braking is all done in a straight line ,without undue movement .Could someone please shed some light on the matter as what I need to look at or replace ??:D.
Hi, and welcome to FF,

hi- spec marea are a bit thin on the ground now..hence the quiet response...,

I would ask in the Bravo/a the Quick Bravo were very close in design to your marea,

also worth a post in Technical section.. somebody will know this.. I suspect a proper reading by MultiEcuScan will probably pinpoint the fault(s),

where are you based?,
Charlie - Oxford
Low voltage shouldnt be a problem, I drove couple hundred km without alternator and the turning indicators stopped flashing before ABS light came on (actually only came on after I pressed brake and brakelights sagged the voltage).
It is most likely from old battery struggling during start.

There are no separate sensors for the EBA (maybe an accelerometer inside the control unit?).

The EBA is just done, if I understood it, by blocking the brake circuit to rear axles, and releasing little fluid there as the braking force increases (valves 11 and 18 in the ABS diagram, 12 and 17 stay shut until ABS releases pressure from the wheels).
No kick on the pedal as that is done only when pressure is relieved.

Therefore the only components are the ABS sensors and the valveblock with control unit (and the braking system, but it shouldt affect the errors as Ive had rear pads rusted to the carrier when I bought mine with no errors).
The EBA is propably controlled by wheel slip as I dont see any pressure sensors.

As the error comes only after 10 min drive, my guess is bad connection somewhere.
Run ground cable from abs unit case to the chassis, not ideal but might help if the groundpath is bad (theres diagram for the wiring in pins too).
Change fluid and work the abs to change the fluid inside the pump and valves.
Check the sensor connectors under the rear seats for corrosion (and maybe others too).
Open up the control unit and look for bad solderjoints or dead capacitors?

ABS diagram
Another one

Strange ??.Was about to scrap the car as a result of the abs/handbrake warning lights coming on and staying on.All the wheel sensors were A1.Took the car out on the farm fields thrsday and really gave the brakes the hammer (y).After a few spins from the rear :eek:the abs lights are off and the car is stopping in a straight line as it should with ,pulses from the abs up from the pedal .Nothing on the diagnostics and an MOT.:D.Hope this may help someone else.
When was the fluid changed? Garages can test how much water is in it if you don't have the device (hit: it shouldn't be brown :p).