Technical Marea 1.6 poor power

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Technical Marea 1.6 poor power


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Jan 10, 2007
I have a Marea 1.6 with a problem of the power. I tried correct this failure replacing some sensor: Air temperature, Water temperature, MAP, TPS, and cleaned IAC and Injectors too replaced the Fuel Pump and spark and spark leads.

When I turn on the air conditioning the car loss very power, if I try start in a inclined street the car turn off.

I measured the coil resistance and the seconday resistance is 5.1 Kohm in both coils, is this correct? the service manual specification is 9100. Is possible a coil pack completly damaged and with the same resistance?

The car too have others problems, some times shake and I must brake or accelerate completly, is a car few smooth to run, for this cause the main bearing gearbox and the seal shaft was damaged.

When the car is cold and start have flat spots.

I need a orientation for this, please help me.
Power loss is often caused by a collapsed matrix inside the catatyst. The a/c compressor does take noticeable power, but should not stall the engine. When I am using the power steering at low speed with the a/c on my car will stall if I do not use a bit of extra throttle. It is possible for the ECU to go into a "limp home" mode which will be low power, it will be easiest to ask a local garage with diagnostic kit to interrogate the ECU, but I think the 1.6 has a warning light on the dash that should be on if in this mode. I checked my Haynes manual, coil on 1.6 primary is .55 to .61 ohms, secondary 8645 to 9555 ohms, do you have resistor which is known good to calibrate your ohmmeter?
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The only chance is to change the coil. Costs about 60 euro. My friend had a similar but yet more serious problem, so, the coil must be the source of your problems. - As i've seen that you have changed complete ignition system except the coil. Try it, nothing to lose.
I removed the catalitic, the ECU light is OFF. I tested my multimeter and is OK, anyway I have 2 multimeter and show 5.10Kohm. I need to know if this is a correct value for this coil. In my country this coil is VERY expensive and maybe I import from UK or Germany for this reason I need confirm damage in the coil pack. Thanks to all.
This does start to look like coil problems, maybe leakage resistance inside the package. Can you get to a diagnostic tester that measures the HT voltage? When my BX got a cracked plastic you could not see I called out a mobile tester who found it in 10 minutes.
I visited to FIAT store and tested a new coil pack in HT resistance and showed 4.86Kohm, I'm starting to think that correct value in the Haynes is incorrect (9kohm aprox)... I need to know what is the correct value for you. Thanks