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Technical Limp mode problem


Aug 16, 2011
ayr scotland
Hi gurus. Can you help me my 1.3 16v 2006 doblo cargo has been going into limp mode and shows a P0234 fault code . I thought engine overboost was only a problem with a turbo engine . I have checked the the egr valve spring is compressing and returning freely . Any thoughts as it is due an MOT at the end of the month and I don't want it going into limp mid rev test . Thanks guys .
This is certainly an odd one. Have you checked the engine number agrees with the V5 and checked its actually got the motor you think it has.

This P0234 is a turbo issue so if it has no turbo something odd is going on.

Looking through spec sheets it seems this is a 74PS 1248cc non turbo diesel.

Over many miles of diesel motoring I have seen a few issues. The only limp home trouble was the exhaust gas recirculation valve not doing its stuff on my bravo 1.6.

If you have access to the MES multi ecu scan software you can go a regeneration to clean out the DPF this forces the engine to run at high speed for 10 minutes and aims to clear out gunk from the exhaust its not either a long or difficult task and might be worth doing to start with.

You can buy exhaust gas recirculation valve cleaners. You basically spray VERY SMALL quantities of the spray at a time into the ingoing air flow. Do be careful as overdoing the spray can ruin the engine!!!! Psst .......... Psst action allowing each squirt to clear until the required quantity is used. I understand you can now get a foam that may be less difficult to apply. Overdoing the spray caused my engine to stop dead and lock. No damage thankfully, bujt you can bend con rods if you are unlucky.

This worked for my Bravo, and the codes when cleared disappeared.

I assume there is some oddball connection between the code and the fault that only Fiat understand, or engine or ECU have been changed at some point and now its throwing a wobbler. I dont trust codes to be what you expect!

EGR cleaner and regen even by a garage should not bankrupt you.

I looked at new EGR costs and found the dealership was £100 less than anything else I could find on my car c £90.

If you do get running sling some diesel cleaner in the system on a regular basis as this seemd to stop our recurring issue.

I would definitely look out an experienced dealer and ask advice too, or your local BOSCH diesel specialist centre. I always found them very good and their experience is legion.

Sorry not to be able to help more. Good luck
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Thanks Panda nut . I did try a spray cleaner a few months ago with no great improvement so looks like a visit to a diesel mechanic is on the cards. ��.Might try a good run at 5000 revs or so to see if it helps . Nothing to loose .