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General Jock wetting 4x4

Feb 8, 2006
hi guys

i have been informed that u lot might be excited by a Mk 1 4x4 panda!

Alternatively see what size the pic is by putting your mouse/cursor over it, and then look at the maximum sizes from the manage attachment bit and if your pic is too big re-size it. Alternatively e-mail it to me and I'll re-size it for you.
i tried using the gallery at the top but the pics dont seem to upload properly. Any idea's, tis probly my computer trying to screw me over again! lol
will use photobucket for now, as i already have an account set up!
will post da link to it l8er
watch dis space!
:eek: sorry to hear your disappointed, if it makes you feel better all is reversable to the car, i have made sure of that as i do appreciate the car for what it is, a fun car and also a progressively rare car!! You've gotta av sum fun wiv da car after all!
The stuff in da boot is just a direct replacement for the old parcel shelf which had broken neway! The car has had so much welding and restoration there isnt much of the original metal left! These early panda's were made from such bad metal! That car wouldve been scrapped 4 years ago if i hadnt taken her on!
The thingy on da dash is a tachometer, dont see whats so wrong wiv that, seeing the inclinometer aint all that sitely either on the sisely.
Anyway, each to their own!
Well Done for saving a Panda 4x4!(y)

But it looks:yuck:

I thought the Italians were masters of style! :cool:

I can't believe Boy racers spend so much money on making their cars look stupid!:confused:

Have you pulled any birds in it though?:devil:
it's certainly different... it's not really my kind of cup of neon lowriding darjeeling but hey it's a free country... it's the perfect car to practice modifying on as it's bare bone when you get it... you'll get bored of it soon though.. and perhaps wonder how close to showroom you can get it. in the meantime I suggest investing in a real camera and not using your handphone to take pics.
Alan.D said:
Talking about the gallery pic.....I thought the Mk1 had a metal grille or metal panal with just the slits in it?

My first MK1 (1981) had the metal grill and my third (1983 had the corporate black plastic 5 bar jobbie (!st introduced on the panda).

The rear tailgate, rear arches,quater lights and wing mirrors look right for a post 1983 MK1. The wing mirrors would be at the front of the door on a pre 83 car.

cheers Damon
I'm kinda depressed now, havnt done anything that extreme really. Appart from the spotlights and a few extra interior ,mods for my music interests! It would appear that no 1 likes my car :cry: Oh well, supose all that matters is that i enjoy her.
Your extreme reaction has given me second thought to the exhaust tho. I supose it is rather chavish, which i resent being called. I am a car enthusiast, and i love the panda for its simplicity and cheaky charm!:)
I have submitted later pics of the car, with a couple of extra spots fitted now. I admit that the white covers look a little bit over the top! I think they look better with the covers off. These pics do the car more justice i believe, but thats just my opinion!
i do welcome the critisism tho, as long as its constructive! I dont wanna drive around in a car that every1 hates!
Let me know wat u think of the new pics, if i dare ask!