Jaguar XJ220 On Ebay

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Jaguar XJ220 On Ebay

Shame he doesn't technically own it - the V5 isn't in his name

was gonna say the same lol
they get over 10mpg if you are careful and don't rev it, its a 3.5v6 twin turbo, rear wheel drive I think, they were mean't to be a 6-8litre NA V12 with 4wheel drive and an electric rear spoiler/air brake al la thema 8.32 But as usual no one was interested.

shame they never made more, as there will never be another like it. And the fact the 3.5 v6 is so smooth in them aswell even with so much boost, the figures just don't add up, but they do, if you get what I mean!

Only thing I don't like about them is the speedo pod!! Looks like it was lifted from a talking maestro MG!!

and the speedo is in KM/H!! not miles
Clarkson's mum lives about 15 miles north of Nottingham and anybody who watched the program where he looked for his roots would recognise that style of house as being like his mum's.

Just coincidences though obviously since it's not his.
She lives in Retford I think which I guess is a bit further than 15 miles from the centre of Nottingham but around 20 from the outskirts I would say.

This seller probably lives between Mansfield and Worksop/Retford, not that this is important!

Awesome car, used to have a pencil case of one. lol
this car was shown in mockup form at the earls court motorshow. many orders were taken as it was originally going to be a V12. many famous names including elton john ordered. because jaguar were in financial trouble [pre ford], the engine chosen,was the metro 6r4 engine which is basically the rover V8 with two pistons cut off. this caused uproar with confirmed orders. people cancelled like mad. in the end, jaguar could not shift them, and they were offered at seriously discounted prices brand new on the road. a damn shame, because it was a true super car and very very fast. how about 110 in second;)
Hmmm considered to be one of the biggest flops in automotive history, pie in the sky on sheet spec and rather dull when built, doesn't really fit all shapes and this cost them orders to such an extent you could be one shortly after launch for £90K.

On the plus side it goes like stink after about a week of lag but the acceleration is such that it can pop out the stereo!