it's good to travel......

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it's good to travel......

Aug 4, 2004
and it's great to be back home too! afternoon all, made it back safe and sound from the south east asia those who have been following exploits on the blog're right, not enough when i did bother to posr....sorry i'm a lazy arse....however i will be creating a photo album of selected moments, for example......

yes that is a huge fricking tiger head, attached to a very much alive and carnivorous big cat, in my lap......i resisted called him mr frisky....

others to follow, crocodile fishing, ladyboy cabaret, scooter stampede, my favourite crab, baby elephants and of course the one and only fiat dealership in saigon!
i saw a lot of things like that happening in china, it makes you wonder wtf people are getting brought up to believe when average joe thinks these traditional medicines will work or thats its ok to kill endangered species for the sake of an aphrodisiac that costs a lot more than viagra and doesnt even work.

i know the british went to africa and killed everything that moved not so long ago, i've seen the videos of the royal family hunting and the pile of dead tigers they so proudly stood in front of, ignorance causes some horrible things to happen, but in 2007 you'd hope that this type of stupidity would be over and done with. then again much of the world still lives in the age of ignorance.
Class pics was it subdued?


dunno about that, but a little earlier was doing a great impression of a house moggie......

doped or not, i wasnt about to **** with him......

the monks and abouts say that they are fed just prior, and the heat, it was blazing hot, makes them sleepy, so no need for drugs, coupled with them having been around humans most of their lives, makes for quite docile killers.....
whilst in cambodia, had the chance to visit the floating villages of tonle sap, a giant inland body of water, where among other things, the folk have crocodile farms, leather belts never looked so dangerous, so of course i bought a live catfish, tied it to a stick, and went fishing in the holding pen


the entrail spray when that fish got ripped in two, was quite a sight, as the french lady who got a faceful will agree.....

but the real reason for going to cambodia was of course the ancient ruins of angkor wat, a civilisation that was long abandoned and forgotton, and hence nature took back what was hers...



with nothing more than time on their side, an army of strangler figs are well on their way to totally tearing apart some of the complexes...awesome stuff

and of course if you are going to visit saigon, you simply have to try the vietcong tunnels out, where for a small fee, your guide, who was also ex-vc.....will arrange a go on the weapon of choice for all freedom fighter, terrorists around the world


more, including ladyboys (down dave, down) to follow when i can be arsed........