Is everybody happy?

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Is everybody happy?


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Sep 22, 2005
Try typing PEAK OIL into a google search and read the results.

Don't wish to be the harbinger of doom or anything but things like this really do need to be discussed.

Just how depressing is that? Thanks for that. Didn't brighten my day any.
I'm off to buy a shotgun, plant some vegetables as there won't be any at the shops soon and grow some trees for future winter fuel

Mind you my house will be 20 foot under water soon too

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WE WANT NUCLEAR! WE WANT NUCLEAR! i personally would love a lump of depleted uranium/plutonium running my car :D
Seraph said:
WE WANT NUCLEAR! WE WANT NUCLEAR! i personally would love a lump of depleted uranium/plutonium running my car :D

Just think, a nuclear car that you only have to 'fill up once'! Then it will generate enough energy to power the car for its lifetime (y)

Only downside would be the aftermath of a motorway pile-up.

A news report could go something like:

"Parts of the SE of England and a 50 mile stretch of the M1 no longer exist as they were wiped out by a nuclear explosion after a 20 car pile up involving nuclear cars. On top of that, nuclear fallout now means that a 500 square mile radius of the crash is now totally uninhabitable. Plus reports have already come in of three headed mutant chickens running around from farms within a hundred miles of the crash." :eek: :p

Sadly though, I suspect that nuclear power IS the only way out of this looming energy crisis. Or just maybe, the worlds politians are putting the frighteners on the public and making them think we will run out of power. Then perhaps Joe Public will be immensely grateful for the large numbers of nuclear power plants being built to keep the country(ies) switched on.

Makes you wonder :chin:
I think it's a lot simpler.

We are running out of cheap oil.

India and especially China are coming on stream and there isn't enough.

Japan are already well advanced in switching to alternatives, but that figures, clever race the Japanese.

As some pundits report "The war on terror will last precisely until there is no more oil in the Middle East".

And to end on a really bad note.

Nuclear station take 10 years to build and there is not enough Uranium by any means to power the world like we know it now.
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Try researching it.

This is the problem

Nobody wants it to happen so they try and wish it away
I read some where that there is only about 30 years of oil left on this planet but is that really a bad thing :) candles for light, open fires for cooking . and horses for transport (y) and back to a slower way of life and the bonus being :D plenty of manure for the garden :p
another alternative would be to go back to how things used to work in power stations and use coal, england itself has an estimated 300 years worth of reserves alone, of course barely any of the pits exist anymore....

hydroelectric and nuclear are the way forward, as well as expanding self sufficiency, if each house had a solar panel or two and was more efficient the pressure on the national grid would drop considerably.

where did the figures about not having enough uranium come from michael2208? ive never heard that problem before.