Happy Christmas everybody.

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Happy Christmas everybody.

Leaving you with the washing up;)
Yup! But that's nothing new for me as I do all the washing up anyway. Many moons ago we evolved a division of labour which broadly boils down to me being responsible for anything outdoors and she would look after indoor "stuff". Hasn't quite worked out that way as I seem to have acquired the "rights" to all hoovering and dishwashing too. I don't really mind though because her indoors can't do heavy work due to her bad back - giving me 3 wonderful children "wrecked" her she says. We have a dishwasher which handles most of the stuff and I actually, perhaps strangely? quite enjoy doing the hoovering anyway (the vacuum cleaner is called Norman! and I talk to him in the same way as I talk to my tools! maybe that tells you more about me than I should be disclosing?).

Hope you had an enjoyable day yesterday, We had a busy morning/early afternoon with children (now adults) and grandchildren all opening presents etc and mulled wine (yuch!) Then they all went off to the other in laws for their Christmas dinners leaving just me, Mrs J and her sister to tidy up the wrapping papers and straighten the chaos. My brother can't drive in the dark anymore due to poor eyesight so he's not with us this year and I really missed him. Hopefully he'll get his cataracts done soon and he'll be able to come next year. Then we watched the Kings speech - Not the same without his Mum I have to say? Lovely dinner, stuffed chicken breast, crusty saute'd potatoes (how do you do the accent over the e?) roasted parsnips, halved Brussels sprouts (yes roasted) carrots sweet potato and onions All roasted in the same tin 'till they get just slightly caramelized (burned) at the edges - wonderful! all covered in delicious gravy (I like things "swimming" in a good gravy) - Thank you God for giving me a wife who can cook! Followed up by a bit of a weep at "Call the Midwife" and a good belly laugh at Mrs Brown's Boys. Then off to bed.

With everyone staying I've had the heating on all day for the last week and the smart meter is now displaying "Daily/weekly budget exceeded" all the time. I haven't dared call up the actual monetary values

Happy Holidays everyone - as my Americanized sister would say - and all kindest regards. Jock