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Technical Installing door lock

Capt T

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Dec 19, 2005
Some ba****ds broke open my Daughters 95 4 dr N reg Punto to nick the Kenwood and of course ruined the door lock in the process. Central locking still works so she can at least carry on.Question is the dealers said rather than install expensive red key lock set ...squillions of pounds. go for the early set £30 odd + vat and only change the lock you require.But I must buy at £14 each the nylon cylinder that goes over the back of the lock inside the door which secures the whole thing. These are non removable and have to be broken to get off!!My Haynes just shows a metal clip thingy which can be reused. Was the dealer confusing new Punto locks with old?
Any one replaced their locks and can tell me?

the older locks are a different shape or something. They are probably less secure again.

Won't insurance pay up? As it is basically breaking and entering, and they have taken something? Did you call police when it happened to get a crime number?? When you get your crime number and phone insurance company they will be a lot more forthwilling. Then you can go all out and have new red locks, and a new ecu etc (has to be changed, unless you can somehow reprogramme?).
Insurance nice idea but being a young student could only get tpft cover without selling the house to pay for it..

Dont really understand red keys.If you change them do you have to reprogram ecu thing..not simple then?

I am replacing my door lock at the moment. I took the replacement lock from another punto. The nylon cover came attatched, a complete component, along with the metal securing piece. A straight forward enough job. Scrapies supply the locks along with the key, pretty cheap. Will mean, probably just carrying a different key for the boot and other door.
So the nylon bit is secondhand and pulls off or something?Wonder why they aren`t supplied in a key/lock kit?
If your replacing the lock with one from another car, the nylon cover will come attathed to the barrel unless damaged or broken. I find it difficult to beleave buying a new lock that it would come without the nylon cover.(a person in the trade might need to confirm that). It is possible your mechanic is planning on using a second hand lock that has had its cover broken and wants you to pay for the nylon part-fairy tales. Phone a scrapy or breakers. get a price, change it yourself.
scrappy/breakers, buy a red key kit and ecu, probably about £30 the lot??

It can be a bugger to fit as the plastic clip things that hold the trim on often break. And are difficult to find sometimes.
Just realised what the Fiat con is. The lock kit only gives you the internal barrel mechanisms and to fit that you have to remove the black plastic cover which you cannot do without breaking! So one kit £30 odd plus 3 covers at £14 .95 each!!!!!
Now looking for scrappy in kent who has one.
T14086 said:
The covers do come off its not a Fiat con!

All locks changed(ignition/doors/fuel)2 hours at dealers.
That pretty good took me about the same on my MK1 There a lot of it about because I had fixed mine my Daughters workmate collared me she had her Toyota Starlet got at they didn't get in but B*ggered the door must have hit the screwdriver with a hammer went thro' the outer skin,inner reinforcement, & window channel mounting. I had to straighten the skin & weld it, remove the inner liner,window,window channel & reinforcing plate. I was able to straighten the inner bits & reassemble with a new lock barrel (£30) a skim of filler & a local respray finished the job, took me 5 hours. She was quoted £700 by a local bodyshop.( probably about right knowing labour costs) would have written off a 10 year old car.
T14086 said:
The covers do come off its not a Fiat con!

All locks changed(ignition/doors/fuel)2 hours at dealers.

Can you explain how the covers come off? There are two nibs on opposite sides of the lock like mini slopes which the cover is pushed up and then drops over the top so to speak locking itself on.There is no way I found of reversing the procedure. How do you do that??
Use 2 right angled picks,lift covers(gently but forceful)over the 'ski slope' bits & pull it back(easier with someone else to pull it while you hold the 2 picks),to refit simply slide on.