Technical Installation of pollen filter into punto without AC

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Technical Installation of pollen filter into punto without AC


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Mar 12, 2024
Hi everybody,
after the recent death of my grandfather, I inherited his 2007 punto classic, 1.2 8v. I am gradually changing everything that needs to be changed in the car. It's a handy car.

Today I wanted to change the cabin filter and I came to the fact that there is nothing to change (sealed plastic) :D. As I learned punto without AC does not have a pollen filter. There is a faint unpleasant smell like rubber in the car. The car has smelled like this since I can remember, so I didn't find it strange. But my girlfriend finds the smell very stinky. The car has been scrubbed and cleaned. So I thought I'd change the filter, also am allergic to pollen, dust etc...

So my question is. What if I cut out the rectangle?, is this plastic "box" inside the same as the one in AC version? Will it do the job or is it a stupid idea. I don't like the idea of breathing what's outside , because of my allergies.

Thank you for your answers


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I would make sure you can get the cover from the bottom of the filter on an AC fitted car as well as some cars have a plastic carrier for the filter inside

See this video

theoretically you should be able to do it given the screw holds and the cut out are all in place, just just keep in mind this is really hard, and quite thick ABS plastic and cutting through it may not be easy especially in the cramped space bellow the dash. Also it will reduce airflow making the car much hotter in the summer and you'd need to drive around with the windows open to not cause yourself heatstroke, which sort of negates the need for a pollen filter if you have all the windows open.
Yes I've done that, here's instructions: