****ing idiots. poor lotus

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****ing idiots. poor lotus

Whats really bad about that is that they aren't even kids :mad:

I don't understand who it could take long to trace these lil cocks. Its on MySpace so because its a criminal offence I'm sure the Server which holds all account details I.E names and addresses could be investigated and I'm sure that at the time of post it would have been I.P address stamped and trace right back to the locations of posting.

And they all got their pictures up :confused:

Tw4t W4nker Cock Faced Scum Bags!!!
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disgusting :(

i was going to pick my mate up from a bar in town at 3 this morning and driving down the road there was 3 guys walking along. ahead of them was a brand new BMW parked on the pavement and instead of the one guy stepping behind his two mates to pass it he just walked over it.
Be interesting to see how they like it whwn retribution comes knocking and someone posts the video of them getting their ass kicked on youtube.
from the pistonheads thread, they've tracked down, worked out who they are and where they work - passing the information onto the police, and also their employers etc
that annoyed me so much, i just phoned The Sun, spoke to a very nice reporter who is definately interested in running a story on it.

they'll be looking at the thread/story right now.......when asked how much i'd want for the story, i replied with, 'just post up their pics in a national paper!'