Thermostat changed today at the 127k mark. Judging by the hose clamps, the original thermo was still on. Took 4,5 hours to do though, as mine has the original air intake hoses, and I live the slow life.... I think is worth it: Car heats up faster, nearly to the halfway mark within a 15 minute drive in -10 C weather.

If someone has problems with the "Italian engine temps", I encourage that one to change the thermostat. Mine cost 40 euros at a local auto parts store. And this particular thermostat fits to many other Fiat/A-Romeos.
It should look like this:ör&hash=item33

Below are some instructions, I cannot be held liable for any mistakes or damages ensued from following these...

First remove the battery.
Second drain the coolant by loosening the lowest coolant hose. Let the coolant run out, and tighten the hose back on with a garden hose clip.

The thermostat is a dash tight to get to, but once you get the battery and the intake hoses out of the way (if you have the originals, as mine does) the toughest part is removing the old clamps and nudging off the hoses.

Remember to unclip the blue wire attached to the green plug on the thermostat. Save and reuse the green plug on the new thermostat. To have more space easily I also removed one 10mm nut above the thermostat that has two hoses coming to it, and this is attached to somekind of oil tube (no clue what this bit is) in the engine block, pulled the "tube" out of the block and pushed the 2-hose "tube" gently out of the way.

The hoses go back on like a charm. And you need to have 3 sizes of garden hose clamps to tighten the hoses back on.

A new thermostat you buy should have a new rubber gasket with it. Using the old one may not be possible, as the sealant will most likely have it stuck to the old thermostat. Put gasket sealant on the rubber gasket. Put grease or copper grease on the bolts, and tighten up. Put the other bits back on. Mix a coctail of 50/50 water/coolant. Add coolant 1 liter at a time so you know how much you have put in... It should take in about 2 litres with ease. Then start the car and let it idle for about 10 minutes with the coolant reservor cap off and in-car heater in red-hot and blower set in 4. Idle until the the reservoir start to bubble (I could not find the "nipple" to bleed the coolant system, but hope this does the trick). Then fill up with coolant to the max-mark. Presto.

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