Since I've been part-time working on improving Martina's performance (incorporating a fuel return, rejetting the FZD, etc...), she's been sitting a fair amount with a lot of intermittent work on the fuel system. As these cars have a tendency to do, fuel would drain from the pump. While there are no leaks in the system that I can find, without a near sealed system, the unprimed pump wasn't feeding the carb.

After reading similar woes on here, blowing into the fuel tank to get the fuel going, trying a bike pump + rags in the filler, etc... I finally had enough. I took the gas cap off my Giardi project vehicle, grabbed a spare thread-in schrader valve from my QuickJacks, and put them together. I give you, the pump primer:


I almost broke down and installed an electric pump at the tank, but this was free and infinitely easier than wiring up a switch, relay, and pump. I don't intend to run around with this on the tank regularly, but will keep it under the bonnet just in case.