Technical How to remove standard tweeters?

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Technical How to remove standard tweeters?


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Jan 14, 2006
Hey guys,

How do you go about removing the standard tweeters in a Mkb Punto ... i know where they are (a pillar) but i just don't want to break anything trying to get them out!

Also what is the best way to remove the front door cards?

Cheers ...
FYI, try posting this in ICE, may get a few more responses it's all about sound in there (amoungst other things).

what version? is it MK2b? it just says mkb.

Door cards come out via a few screws at the bottom, and then it just prizes open, and clkicks back in when needed. (That is on a MK1, maybe the same for MK2 or higher, someone on here will be able to confirm).
yeh i was ment to say mk2b, i have now bought a mk2 haynes manual and it tells me how to get them off in there thanks