This is well worth getting to know how to do so you can quick check your tracking for when you have dropped into that deep pothole or hit the kerb and you have £200 worth of tyres out front that are going to be wrecked.

Tracking in France is called “parallelism” which gives a hint of what you are trying to do here


Find some level ground and centre up your steering wheel. Now kneel down at the front of the vehicle and look down the outside edge of your front tyre. Move your head until you can line up the near and far side of the front tyre. Keeping your head still, look to the rear tyre and pick a point on the floor. You can use a ruler on the floor to measure exactly where this lines up. Make a note of the measurements. With practise you won’t need the ruler. It's good to do this when you know your tracking has just been done or if you know your tracking is good. If you're doing a job on the front suspension or steering then you know how things should line up when you finish

All Stilos are 6mm wider track at the front wheels than at the rear wheels. It makes no difference what size wheel you have as long as the wheels and tyres are all the same! So to be parallel it might be 3mm difference on either side. A little toe in will be a few mm more, toe out a few mm less

Once you get used to doing this you can check your tracking at any time with your own "4 wheel alignment checks"