General How do I remove dash to get wire behind it?

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General How do I remove dash to get wire behind it?


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Dec 14, 2005
I installed a GPS antenna on my mirror, the wire goes through the roof lining down the windscreen on the left, but how do I get the wire from the bottom left of the windscreen to my hifi location.
I removed the glove box and the passenger airbag but with no luck at pulling the wires through.
Can anyone help?
are you sure you really want to remove the dash................wires, wires and more wires. I have a mk1 and there about 8 bolts if my memory serves me right. There are 3 along the top, 2 behind the little speakers in the corners and one behind a cap in the centre. 2 in the glove compartment and another 3 along the bottom of the dash (1 in each footwell and one i think near the centre console). You might find it easier if you remove the steering wheel too. Hope this is of some help. There may be more bolts but i think ive mentioned all of them as it was a while ago when i removed mine - good luck
That does sound a bit of a bitch to do, so is there ay easier way to getting access to where I need?
Also my Punto is a mk2
feed them down one by one at the very edge of the dash there is a tiny gap with a little time on your hands it could go down there maybe ?:confused:
I've already shoved the wire down the gap, but I cant get my hands in the hifi unit to feed it through
Just thought I'd post the answer to my own question for anyone who wants to know the answer for future use...
I sent the cable through the right hand side of the windscreen and fed it through the gap, then felt up through the fuse-box for it, then removed the speedo and fed it behind that to the hifi area.