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Hmmmm something is not right!

Dec 9, 2005
Milton Keynes
Just got a call from my flat mate and said that there were two shiffty looking men around my HGT using a bmw 5 series, came home to find only one man smoking in a bmw which is never around here, been here ages and its clear hes not waiting for anyone. Hes often on his phone and its hard to see what he looks like as he has a baseball cap on! Do you think hes waiting to see which house the keys are in to steal it? What do you think I should do? Hope Im not going crazy! :S Thanks
Get his registration number and if possible a photograph of the car outside your flat showing the plate. Then call the Police and explain that he/ she has been loitering in your area for a while and you think it could be suspicious behaviour.

The Police can then check the number plate and it might show up as belonging to a known offender or might even register as a stolen vehicle. They'll be round very quickly if that's the case.

It might all be very legitimate, but it's better to be safe than sorry.
Take down the reg-plate and report it to the police., see if they can do anything about it.

It could be the case that it might be nothing to do with you for all you know :confused:. They might just like the look of your car.
Take plenty of photos of both the car and its occupants, then ring the police and report them for acting suspiciously. Maybe try the anti-terror line too, you never know!
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