Technical hesitation problem!!!!!

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Technical hesitation problem!!!!!


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Dec 1, 2005
i already had a thread here but nobody answered to me...i dont want to think of you like bad i would be very gratefull if you can help me...i own 1.6 16v brava 98...when i bought it i could feel some hesitation in 1st and maybe 2nd gear..but this was lasting only for 15-20 seconds...then it runs great...then the ignition coil went dead and i have to replace it...after that the heistation is getting so hesitate in lower gears and higher gears there is no problem...when it gets hotter it seems like better but not great...the sparks are new, spark plugs are ok, ive changed the fuel filter..then i red in this forum about the idle control valve and i thought that this might be the thing...i took it out and clean it very was good for about 50 km....but again nothing..i dont have often problems with revs..they are solid...and it only died at me when i stoped at street light when the car is hot...but that only happened once or twice...could this be the air temeperature sensor...but i dont think that this have anything with car hesitation...i also changed the air filter...i am thinking to buy a new idle valve control...but am i mistaking...could this be the problem with lambda sensor too...but there is no warning light on dashboard...please help me, i am getting desperate and this thing is anoying me:bang: ...i love fiat and before this brava i had 89 tipo 1.6 cat i.e. dgt..let this not make fiat a lower in my eyes.(n) ..i would be gratefull on any kind of help..THANK YOU!!!! :worship:
Have you tried using some engine de-coking/cleaner in your fuel?

I had the same problem and used some Wynns Hot Shot in my fuel to clean and de-coke the engine etc

This seemed to cure the problem

that will be next in my list of priority...but here where i am living, in Bosnia, only fluid that i can find is one from abro...but in directions of usage it says that you need to have a full tank of fuel then to put it...full tank of fuel is not so cheap and it will be almost the price of new idle valve..:rolleyes: but the question is can i put this on half of tank or maybe little less...also if somebody can tell me can you clean the throttle position i will clean again the idle valve and put it back, then i will try procedure when you turn ignition on for 90 secs then off for 90 secs then on for 90 secs then start and let idle until fans cut this good to do?...thanks!
half a tank will double the concentration but half the time it gets to work on the engine. i'd use half a tank even if it does recommend a full one. these 'magic' treatments that you add to petrol and all lies anyway. waste of money, how can half a litre of super refined petrol really decoke your cylinders? all it does is increase the octane level of the fuel, which makes it less likely to combust under pressure. great eh? how useful. i think they hope the higher temperatures in the cylinders when igniting this stuff will help to burn off some of the residue in the cylinders and valves. fat chance. people who buy this stuff probably think the shopping channel on tv is full of bargains :nono:
Yes it could be a lambda sensor issue, I never had a light on the dash when mine was causing problems. Pull it out and clean it up using coke/ lemon juice to see if it makes a difference. If you only have half a tank of fuel, add half the liquid then add the other half when you fill it up again :)
i will try to do that thing too...but i will put some carb cleaner try that...helz you are right when you told me to put a half of liqiud...but i dont think that will harm if i put the whole bottle:)...the fuel here is so dirty..the fuel filter was so dirty...almost like there was mud in it..some black things were coming out..the guys at shop were amazed how the car was working with that fuel filter...i thought that it will be better..but its still the same..because of that you might be right when you said that the lambda is dirty and probably the injectors i will first put some carb cleaner in more it hard to remove the sensor?..i know its positioned under the car on exaust i right?..thanks a lot
You are right, it's on the downpipe at the front, just where it joins the manifold. I couldn't get it out but then I'm a wimp, am sure if you have some weight behind you you'll be fine :eek:
I had same prob om cinq sporting - Fiat told me it was lambda sensor, got it replaced and good as new. Did happen again about 3 years later - same prob and replaced sensor again. Not sure if its a Fiat traite???:D
how much is the lambda sensor is in your country...knowing fiat a think its expensive:)
johntra said:
how much is the lambda sensor is in your country...knowing fiat a think its expensive:)

I got Fiat to fit mine on my cinq for about £120 - but that was about 2 years ago.
Lambda sensors are in a pretty grim working environment and even if they don't totally fail they can become slow to react and cause problems. To last around 3 years is pretty good. They only have a life span of 30k to 50k miles so it's not a "Fiat thing" . You can have a good read about them here

They're available for around £30 on line. There's a quick guide to types, how to fit them and you can buy them here
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