Technical Brava '2000 100/16v Abs problem

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Technical Brava '2000 100/16v Abs problem


Jan 26, 2019
I own a Brava 100 16V and I have a problem with xxx, a few months ago the yellow warning light of ABS turned on a few times for a while and then went out.
It has been permanently on for the last month. The anti-lock braking system does not work, I have checked it in panic braking and the wheels lock.

It is made by ATE. As you can see at the photo and it has Fiat P/N:465 29 968 and ATE P/N: 10.0204-0167.4


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First I removed the connector from the xxx unit and tried to measure if the wiring from the wheel sensors is correct.
The service manual i have shows this sequence of terminals on the connector of the electronic module

From the electrical diagram I quote it appears that the four sensors correspond to the following connector terminals:

179 FR B to pin 20 and M to pin 19
177 FL R to pin 01 and M to pin 02
178 RL G to pin 05 and M to pin 06
180 RR B to pin 22 and M to pin 23

Also the manual for the TEVES MK20 ABS system for the sensors indicates the terminals (18-3) , (11-4), (1-17) and (2-10)

Trying to find out which terminals the sensors for the ATE unit correspond to, I found that terminals 1, 5, 10,11, 12, 14, 19, and 20 are not used in the connector.
I mean they are empty, there are no terminals in these numbers.
And I mark them with the red X in the photo.

Also counting I found that the sensors are measured as electronic diodes, all four have the same time and 570 to 620 ohm resistance.
In the photo I also show the terminals that correspond to the connector terminals of the electronic unit of the company ATE.
So now I have to find information about the other terminals of the ATE unit in order to proceed with the detection of the fault.

I must mention that I bought a used ABS unit, I installed it and the damage remains, the light does not go out, so the unit I bought has the same damage as mine ????, or there is a problem with the car wiring and it causes the same damage.
Can you use MES to connect to the ABS unit and read the fault?

RalphM Does it have the toothed rings on the drive shafts? are they tight and reasonably clean​

Here is something I did not do, I do not even think about it, than you my friend for the idea.

Right now the biggest problem I face is that I do not have the exact electrical diagram and maybe the service book of my car.

I have already visited two authorized workshops, one of them at the suggestion of the Official Delegation.
They tried to connect the ABS module via cable to a laptop but all attempts failed to connect, so the response I received was that the module was damaged or that due to the age of the car there is no program to connect.

Are there systems or cables on the market that I can use to connect the ABS module to my laptop?

Neverth Can you use MES to connect to the ABS unit and read the fault?​

Reading on the website that you gave me in the list of abs units, there is no ΑΤΕ unit,

Brake system​

  • Bosch ABS 5.7 VDC/ASR/TC
  • Bosch ABS 8 VDC/ASR/ESP
  • Bosch ABS 9 /ESP
  • Lucas EBC 430 ABS
  • Bosch ABS Teves MK20/MK70
  • Bosch ABS 5.3 TC/ASR
  • Continental MK60EC ABS/ESP
  • Continental MK100 ABS/ESP
  • Electronic Parking Brake LUCAS

I bought the car in May 2000 full of all the extras available then, I finally start to believe that I bought a car that as a VIN number is unique in my country and this makes finding spare parts and repair shops extremely difficult.
Here I am again, today or tomorrow , if the weather allows me, I will work with the wheel sensors, although from what I have read in the manual they are not adjusted for the necessary clearance they should have, so all I can do is maybe a very good cleaning with brake fluid cleaner.

In contact with the customer service center in Italy, where I asked for the electrical diagram of my car to find out what is happening with the pins of ABS unit connector .
They gave me the following link to pay a subscription and request the plans. Do you know this web page? Or how to handle it?

I have the old books, all the four of theme, if you mean this set . But i cant find there the wiring for mine abs unit.
Also a Haynes manual but it is not useful.

So i am in the dark again ....
Today I said to deal with the electronic unit of the abs. Since I could not find a way to open it, I removed these washers with the hooks,


But because I was afraid that I might cause a problem to the board pcb , I used a dremel and cut the plastic around the perimeter, so I removed the plastic lid and that is what I saw inside, a pcb board that I have never seen on the internet or on youtube.


At the bottom left of the photo are the two motor contacts that look detached or as if their welds are cold as we electronic engineers usually say
This may look better in zoom


I removed the electronic solder from the motor contacts and from the connector contacts, and soldered them again, now I will measure as many components as I can and install it again.

Speaking of wheel sensors, what can I check, because the book states that the gap between sensor and phonic wheel must be 0.9 +- 0.4 mm, but the sensors do not move , they are fastenable without adjustment
Yesterday I took the rear wheels of and checked the sensors and the phonic wheels. I cleaned everything from the black dust and I put them on again. The whole process is a bit tedious because the brake drums need to be removed.
The same and for the front wheels, but there I can only check the sensors only because the hub should be removed to take a look at the phonic wheel.
As i see the phonic wheels have no teeth , there must be magnets perimetrically, the position of which the sensors read.
So the dust or dirt do not affect the function of ABS, , but probably the dirt aggregation cause damage to the sensors if it is rubbed to them.

I think, should you become a reset to an authorized workshop to operate the ABS electronic unit;
Finally a friend of mine who works at an authorized Renault had a check machine for three contact connectors.

A big shame for fiat not to have such a machine in an authorized service center in my country

The faults recorded on my old abs unit was a fault in the motor, with the repair I did and soldered the motor contacts to the board the fault was fixed.

In the new used ABS unit the recorded failure was an error in the rear right sensor. The problem was in the sensor connector located under the reclining seat. I removed the connector and plugged in the wires, the error did not register again and the abs light went out when we delete the errors.

You should know, any motor or sensor error recorded in the unit's memory must be cleared to operate after repair. If you replace the unit and do not delete the faults, they remain, the light does not go out and the ABS does not work.