Technical Bravo 1.2 suspension (and a problem)

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Technical Bravo 1.2 suspension (and a problem)


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Sep 8, 2020
Hello guys,first post here so i hope im on the right section.
I m a happy owner of a 1.2 fiat bravo 2001 model.The car have 270.000 km on the clock but ride perfectly fine.
I m on a journey to change the suspension and i want some opinions.
My choices are:Kyb excel g fron and just a gas rear (155€)
Sachs super turing (180$)
Koni str(270)
I must admit i m not willing to give the 270 for the koni except they are THAT good.
I want a more firmer ride than now.

Now the problem.The car start every morning just fine,it drives superb but if drive for like 50km stop it and try to start it again immediately it wont start.After 2-3 minutes its start perfectly and with no more symptoms.
Any idea?
Kyb excel-g series is a good suspension, I have it in a few other cars, no problems.
Many things can be a problem when it doesn't want to start after a ride. Can you tell if there are any noises / sounds when it doesn't want to start or just complete silence?

I had a similar problem in Fiesta, I rebuilt the whole engine but still from time to time after a ride it doesn't want to start, so I just wait a few seconds and boom it works. It was a starter motor failure it gets too hot from the engine and sometimes it just doesn't throw bendix from the body so it wasn't able to spin the flywheel and start the car.

I removed it, clean the whole mess, replace brushes and there is no more problem.

Get another person, open the hood, and listen, this is the first step in diagnostic. :D
Thanks for the fast reply.I m leaning heavily towards the kayaba excel g front and kayaba just a gas rear.
Its the sound when the car try to start but it seems it can't.Its almost like when u have a dead battery but mine it's new and also never had a problem on fisrt start even with all the lights open
Do u know were this motor located?
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If it sounds like a dead battery and there is no other noise then probably it's an electrical problem. Mechanical problems always make some sound(at least something is making a sound, something isn't and then You know where to start diagnosis), I would start with cleaning all-electric connectors, fuse boxes, etc. 1-2 hours of work, spray contact cleaner and a beer and You're good to go.

The starter motor is on the side of the gearbox housing, upfront the engine, easier access is from the under of the car, but it probably isn't it.