help,you must know,does this,wow,heeeeeeelllllppppp

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help,you must know,does this,wow,heeeeeeelllllppppp


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Nov 4, 2003
following this thread
and knowing a lot wont have seen it ;)

when you post a thread in the non LL sections then try and use a title that fits the purpose of the thread.
titles like help!! etc can often get less views and may miss you the help you want.
obviously in LL and the like its not really that important but in the car section it is.
i rename ones i see in cento and other mods do the same but much easier if people just use descriptive titles.

over and out
grumpy lumpy custard moaning again

you'll make a great mother one day :p
well when people search(do people search?) and select thread titles only they wont get these threads
my point stands people often skip these titled threads.
but hey what do i know,seems everyones lifes harder these days
people clearly dont search. lost count how many "window tinting" threads i seen recently :bang:

but yeah.. if i see summit like "im new, need help" i dont bother clicking. but if i see summit like "crunching into 2nd, why?" im more inclined to clicky and see whats up.

not that im actually very helpful all all... :rolleyes:
If I see a thread titled "Help" 9 times out of ten I'll ignore it, especially when browsing for specific problems. It doesn't help the thread starter or the people wanting the same answers, I try to use the closest possible match between title and subject.

Well worth pointing out Custard (y)