Technical Heating trouble.

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Technical Heating trouble.


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Dec 2, 2023
Hello, in need of some help.
My fiat 06 grande is not heating, it only blows cool air. I’ve installed a new blower motor a little while back and it solved the heating issue for a while but stopped now.

I’ve changed the blower resistor and it blows on all settings but there is signs of the connecting loom having the infamous burn marks (I’ll put a new loom in eventually).

The car temperature running from cold to hot is same as it’s always been as thought it could be thermostat but I’ve not had any signs other than loss of heating.

Any advice?
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Heater matrix should be always hot (pull the side panel next to your or passenger legs, so you can see and touch the heater).
Cold/Hot air is only air controlled, flaps inside the dashboard. Maybe there is your issue.
The bottom pipe is hot but the top is cool/coldish. May need a flush which I’ll try tomorrow morning.
I thought the flaps could be an issue but the dial still has resistance and can hear a noise turning it.
Being an 06 its probably petrol..

Should show halfway on temp gauge after 5 minutes of driving.. Does it get to half.. And stay there..? 🤔

I've had problems with the heater controls before..,
We can walk you through this 👍

Temp gets up halfway and stays there as it should.

What was the issue with the heater controls, you had?
The windy knobs use a
'push-pull cable' to operate the flaps driving the various modes within the cast white heater boc

On my current grande the Gears are slipping.. Where the other end of the cable reaches the top of the heater unit

Laying upside down in the passenger footwell,
I can get my left hand right up the top of the heater, the free hand can then operate the twisty knobs..
Feel what moves.. And what doesnt

I will try and add pics 🙂

Helpful info here:
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the knobs all turn and I can see they all pull and push. The cold/hot works at dial but can’t seem to find where it goes to higher up. Also get a noise when turning from cold to the one above with 2 blue lines and one bottom red line but I reckon that’s it just doing its job.


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My understanding is there is a flap that opens up to let air flow over the Matrix (radiator in the dashboard)

So IF you have HOT water flowing through the matrix, you must have an airflow issue

Does the matrix get HOT COOLANT?
The matrix is getting hot. I just flushed it as well, with pressure.