Technical Heating Problem

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Technical Heating Problem


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Jul 1, 2005
Well,, i have a heating problem... :mad:
the thing is, that sometime it's okei, and the heater blows warm, but most of the time the heat of the water rises up, almost to RED... og suddenly drops down.. and then the heater blows warm again.... WTF is going on..???
Also i tried to bleed it,, bud no cooland came out..:confused: , and there is plenty of coolant in the system...

You have an air lock trapped in the heater circuit. Seems to be an epidemic of them at the moment. Best to drain the coolant system down and, with dash heater control set to the hot and all bleed screws open, refill SLOWLY.

It can do damage if left in it present state so don't leave it. Get it sorted asap
Well, i let the boy's at work look at the car,,,, and it's a blown head gasket :mad:
I work at a MB dealership so they should know what they are doing,,, they are going to fixxit for me.
Yes that makes sense. Sometimes an air lock can cause a head gasket to go and sometimes the blown head gasket will drain the coolant and cause the air lock. Great that you can get someone to do the head gasket for you as it's a lengthy and usually expensive job.