Technical Head Unit Upgrade - 58 reg Grande Punto

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Technical Head Unit Upgrade - 58 reg Grande Punto


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Apr 11, 2023
Hi all. I recently purchased a 2008 Fiat Grande Punto. With todays new technology, phones connecting to cars etc. I am finding the stock fitted head unit rather basic and not quite fit for what I need it for (I take a lot of business calls when driving and could really do with a sat nav). Does anyone know of / could recommend a head unit that would fit my vehicle? Looking for something plug and play. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
Few things are as simple as plug and play, but the good news is its not difficult..

Plugs and openings are an ISO standard so most things will fit, assuming you have a single or double din opening, and whilst I'm unfamiliar with the Grande Punto, your best bet is likely a fitting kit... this will have the necessary interfaces, if you have a multifunction steering wheel, possibly a fasica (if required).

I get most of my stuff from dynamic sounds, who are generally well priced.

From there you can work out what you want, I wouldn't fit anything now that wasn't carplay or android auto enabled.