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Have you been Pandered yet


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Nov 26, 2020
I was asked Have you been pandered yet some time ago, well not yet but today
a Fiat rolled up and parked next to us, two women got out both 70's or 80's the
driver was dressed very brightly with what looked like a military beret on her
head, now round here anything Fiat will be a Panda like mine a 500 or a van
these two got out of this, apart from being a Fiat I haven't a clue what it was
but get the impression they were growing old disgracefully.

Someone likely said nana why don't you go get yourself a nice little Fiat.
Thats a Fiat Mazda. None the worse for that though. I thought about one but that was five years ago and I decided it was too difficult to get out. I now know i was right!
1 I definitely couldnt get out now, and that is bad news. Looking foolish is embarassing
2 Its apparent that some older women can get out and thats even worse as the embarassment would worse, and the women in my household would ensure that I was never allowed to forget my inadequacy.
I don't know if it was imagination or not but it looked bigger than a MX5